• @BerryOsterlund (Berry Österlund, Middlecon AB)

  • @karlam123 (Karl Amundsson)

  • @erikalarsson (Erika Larsson, Scania AB)


  • v0.68. Deployment functions and improved statistics to REST and Kafka

  • v0.67. MSSQL Change Tracking support

  • v0.66. Custom SQL validations and timezone configuration

  • v0.65. Apache Atlas integration

  • v0.64. Spark support for Import and Export

  • v0.63. Copy command

  • v0.62. Asynchronous copy mode for multi-cluster imports

  • v0.61. Bug-fix release

  • v0.60. Multi-cluster imports

  • v0.51. Airflow integration

  • v0.50. Oracle Flashback support

  • v0.42. Support for more than MySQL as Hive Metastore

  • v0.41. Adding imports and exports by searcing for tables and views

  • v0.40. Exports to MsSQL, Oracle, MySQL and DB2 is fully supported

  • v0.30. Support for Merge in ETL Phase

  • v0.21. Import statistics in SQL Tables

  • v0.20. Incremental Imports

  • v0.12. Import creates JSON data about statistics and post to REST interface

  • v0.11. Support for more column changes and logging of column changes

  • v0.10. Initial release with support for Full import only


  1. WebGui for administration of DBImport - Alpha version available

  2. Support for more JDBC sources such as Netezza, TeraData, ExaData